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Team TBG Champion Paddle

Tiffany B. Grunwald, MD FACS

The Champion Paddle is about celebrating our own healthy bodies and the tremendous women paddling with us who have battled breast cancer and treatment. We are coming together as a community to support and honor these warrior women.

Dr. Grunwald and ProSUP Shop sponsor this event with reduced fee board rental and Pink Team TBG hats. The breast cancer survivors and pre-vivors that are among us and known to us, are strong women. Some were warriors before this diagnosis, some were timid. But having come through chemotherapy or surgery or radiation makes you a warrior. So being on the water at the Champion Paddle as a community isn't just about having breasts rebuilt, but about feeling strong and beautiful and like a warrior.

Each month, participants bring something that helped them during their recovery from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. We build baskets and gift them to women with a new breast cancer diagnosis.

Phone: 310-828-4646

Email: scrosby@tbgmd.com

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Breast Cancer Awareness Symposium

Adventist Health Bakersfield

We are hosting an event for everyone in the community to build awareness about breast cancer and to educate patients about their rights. An important component of this event is also making patients aware of their rights for reconstruction and educating them about the many options they have.

I am a breast surgical oncologist, fellowship trained specifically in oncoplastics, so I am very passionate about making patients aware of the their reconstruction options.

Phone: (508) 344-4818

Email: leec05@ah.org

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2019 UC Davis Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

University of California, Davis

Division of Plastic Surgery

Our primary educational program takes form in a multi-disciplinary panel centered around breast reconstruction. This will take place at our UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center auditorium. We will have two of our faculty plastic surgeons lead the discussion along with members from surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology. In addition to our select physicians, we have invited nurses, therapists, registered dietitians, and other ancillary staff who routinely are involved with the care of breast cancer survivors who undergo breast reconstruction.

  • Overview of the breast reconstruction process; including what to expect, and various breast reconstruction options; alloplastic and autologous; retro-pec, pre-pec; tissue expander or direct to implant treatment plans, etc.

  • Q&A session with the audience; resident moderator of live social media questions from individuals who cannot physically attend. (Of note, our UC Davis Plastic Surgery division has social media following of greater than 1,000 individuals with routine engagement through educational and patient centered activities.)

  • Patient centered stories from individuals who have successfully completed, or are in various stages, of breast reconstruction
    We will have concurrent displays from vendors: implant vendors, ADM vendors, scar therapy vendors, undergarment vendors and other supporters of breast cancer patients. There will be dedicated time before and after the panel for all attendees to engage with vendors to gain hands on experience, education and familiarity with various products.

  • The auditorium located in the Cancer Center is centered prominently on the UC Davis health system campus. We will provide a outdoor portion of the event located on the front lawn of the Cancer Center. This will serve as a public display of our event to passing by individuals such as patients, resident physicians, faculty, and other members of the health system. We will have prominent signage, refreshments, rest areas, and children's activities with adult supervision for those families who may need such accommodations.

  • The morning's discussion will culminate in a meet and greet in the outdoor section of our event over a catered lunch from UC Davis executive chef, Santana Diaz. Chef Diaz will highlight the health systems healthy eating initiative with a farm-to-fork emphasis on locally sourced, sustainable ingredients from the greater Sacramento region. This will allow the invited physicians, surgeons, and multidisciplinary team members to answer any additional questions from attendees in an approachable environment.

  • Our program's intended audience is for any one who is interested in the state of current breast reconstruction. We will invite patient survivors and their families, support group members, every member of the UC Davis health system. We will also promote and invite individuals from our division's social media presence as well as the UC Davis health system's media outlet; advertisement to the surrounding greater Sacramento area through the use of local radio advertisement and local news outlets.

  • We expect at least 100 individuals in physical attendance, as well as live engagement from social media during the Q&A session that will also help expand outreach of the event. This event will serve as an opportunity to increase patient, family and local community awareness about breast cancer reconstruction.

Phone: (916) 734-7844

Emaill: pisong@ucdavis.edu

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