6:30 pm18:30

Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

  • 3 Columbus Circle New York, NY, 10019 United States

Hosting two live events and one webinar focused on breast reconstruction. The live events will be held in New York City on October 21 and in Los Angeles on October 27.

The events will consist of presentations by plastic surgeons and a “Show and Tell” room where women who have undergone a mastectomy and reconstruction can share their outcomes with women who are considering or awaiting surgery. The webinar will provide an overview of reconstruction options by Kathy Steligo, author of the Breast Reconstruction Guidebook.

6:00 pm18:00

Dr. Mark L. Smith – Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery Mount Sinai Beth Israel

  • Mount Sinai Ambulatory Care Center

:  An educational symposium to learn about the advanced breast reconstruction options women have to restore themselves and feel whole again after facing breast cancer. Attendees will be able to participate in a Q&A session with an expert panel of surgeons. A "Show and Tell" segment will also take place to give women a unique opportunity to see reconstructed patients and speak with them about their experience.

This is a free event and open to healthcare professionals, advocates, patients and their families. Register for this event at 212-844-8796 or dcosten@chpnet.org.

11:30 am11:30

Karoline S. Nowillo, MD

  • The Grandview

A half-day course including an expert faculty of clinicians at the forefront of the field presenting a broad review of the management of women with breast cancer. This symposium is intended for health care providers in all specialties caring for breast cancer patients.