Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C. - The Uplifting Event

  • Chateau Briand Carle Place, New York

In April, Drs. Randall Feingold, Ron Israeli, Peter Korn, David Light and Jonathan Bank hosted their fifth Uplifting Event, a celebration of their patients. More than 330 breast reconstruction patients, their family and medical staff commemorated significant milestones in their recovery journeys. Also sharing the evening were other surgeons and oncologists who have been integral in the patients’ breast cancer journey.


“The Uplifting Event is something special we wanted to do for our patients and their loved ones; it’s something we feel they deserve after a long road to recovery,” said Randall Feingold, MD, managing partner of NY Breast Reconstruction Associates/Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC. “We believe celebration is a crucial component to successful recoveries which is why the group is proud to host events like this one and others that uplift the spirit.”


The theme of the event was “You Are the Champions,” and evening began with guests posing for photos with boxing gloves in front of a step and repeat banner. The formal program commenced in a large room with a boxing ring set up in the middle and seats surrounding it. Donning red boxing robes and their musical instruments, Drs. Feingold, Israeli and Korn, along with two of the practice’s assistants, pumped up the crowd with their renditions “Rocky,” “Eye of the Tiger,” and “We Are the Champions.”


The band’s musical performances and a moving rendition of “Fight Song,” sung by Mollie Sugarman, took turns in the spotlight with a runway featuring female and male models of courage now thriving after breast cancer. Each model received incredible support from the audience. The event also featured the Sisterhood of Support Awards, presented by NY Breast Reconstruction Associates/Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC.  


The event raised more than $14,000 for the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund.