Proposed Utilization and Distribution of Funds in Chicagoland

April 2018

  • Approximately 3,330 women in Northeastern Illinois have undergone mastectomy but less than 40% of these women have undergone breast reconstruction, leaving more than 2,000 women who have not had breast reconstruction post-mastectomy.

  • Rural and under-served women are less likely to undergo breast reconstruction, with rates below 30% in these groups of women. Breast reconstruction awareness campaigns are key to the well-being of these women.

  • More than 460 women in northeast Illinois who have undergone mastectomy are below the federal poverty level and almost 300 of these women have not had breast reconstruction. Charitable care is key to the well being of these women.

  • Funds raised will be distributed in awards of $10,000 to 15,000 to key organizations in Chicagoland that will address needs of charitable care (up to $2,500 per woman) and breast reconstruction awareness. We will also support research to better understand the demographics of the Chicagoland population and how best to overcome the barriers to breast reconstruction in these communities.

  • Organizations targeted for these awards will include medical centers, community groups and churches. All funds will be directed to support breast reconstruction in the Chicagoland area and organizations will be asked to account for how the funds were utilized before being eligible for additional funding.

  • $750,000 would be required to meet our targets for charitable care, in an effort to serve all women in need of breast reconstruction below the poverty line.

  • You can play a role in how these funds are distributed. Tell us which organizations in your community can best utilize funds to promote awareness, charitable care and research to improve the lives of patients seeking breast reconstruction in the Chicagoland area. Email with contact information, or with any questions you may have.